by Deb Mazzaferro

Coaching is all the rage. Perhaps your Realtor or Financial Advisor calls himself your coach. Don’t fall for it. Anyone who makes a profit off your decision is not a “coach”. Or perhaps you’ve noticed life coaches who specialize in relationships, healthy lifestyles, retirement options or life transitions. These personal coaches should have some credentialing that proves their competence. They should have advanced degrees or a coaching certification plus referrals from satisfied clients.

Executive coaching is geared toward your professional life. It addresses your critical thinking skills, your leadership style, your emotional intelligence, and your ability to manage crisis and stress. You are the common denominator in all your interactions. Knowing yourself and understanding how you impact others is a fundamental key to success. When you realize that not everyone is your clone, you start to appreciate how others complement you, performing tasks you detest or just aren’t good at.

In an executive coaching relationship, you go deep to identify what really motivates you. When you understand your Intention, your higher calling, it’s incredibly easy to put one foot in front of the other toward accomplishing your goals. You are less likely to go off on a tangent. You are proactive, not reactive. The little stuff rolls off your back. You aim for, and hit, the bullseye more often. Your team is in sync, because you are consistent in your messaging.

As an Executive, you’ve attained a certain level of success. You may want to be more productive, have more freedom, get more recognition, and accomplish all of this with a bare minimum of stress.

Coaching can do this for you. A coach with significant knowledge of your industry can immediately get to work on the issues that will make the most difference to your career, and to the quality of your life.

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