As a coach or consultant, you can be a major influence in supporting your clients (and yourself as well) to achieve total well-being, both in body and in mind. But no matter how good a coach you may be, if your client is not as healthy as they possibly can be, their ability to put your coaching work with them into action may be diminished. Many people assume they have to “live with” a less-than-optimal sense of health and well-being. Often they ignore signs of imbalances or poor health which are causing them distress without realizing that there are good solutions available to them which conventional medicine ignores!

You don’t need to be a health coach but you do need to recognize if one of your clients’ key weaknesses lies in the area of health. If you yourself are a wellness coach, it is important to be able to recognize when your client needs help beyond what you are able to provide to them. Dr. Stringer works with several alternative medicine modalities which often can support you and your clients to achieve a better state of health, wellness, and body-mind balance with far more effectiveness than conventional medicine.

Bringing in a specialized health and wellness coach in support of your coaching work can help guide your client on how to find and fix the root causes of their health issues and to help them restore the balance they need for optimal health and life balance.