by Gail Condrick

I have now seen the Wonder Woman movie several times.  The film is becoming my personal elixir of awe, empowerment, and hope and one I recommend to coaching clients.    Why?   It is the first time I have seen the hero’s journey revealed as a path to empowerment that includes the personality strengths of a warrior, healer, and compassionate leader, a new model.  As an archetypal soul coach this is a gold mine of lessons and encouragement for clients and myself.

It is often said that God is in the details.   The emergence of the Divine Feminine archetype has been predicted for many years as a necessary balance in the world.   It is not about men versus women.   It is about the energetic archetypal strengths of the feminine coming into balance with the male for both sexes.  Time to balance science and technology with intuition, reframing the nature of power into harmony of both yin and yang, force and compassion.   Seeing this new leader come to life in the images of Wonder Woman presents a message of courage and hope for all who fight for the power of love over terror and fear.  It is an inspirational story for our times.

Diana’s story is the classic hero’s journey.   It begins with her early life and training with the Amazons as the daughter of Queen Hippolyta who has led an army of women out of oppression, and who now live sheltered from the world on Paradise Island.   The code of these women is to fight to protect, and to rise up to defeat Ares, the God of War, should he reappear.  Diana is trained as a warrior, and when she has mastered all that can be learned and defeats her teacher with a power she did not know she had, fate brings another hero, a man to the island, a spy for the allies in World War I.  This creates a choice point for Diana, one that comes at great personal cost.  As heroes before her she must leave her home of origin to serve her destiny, knowing that she may never return.  She chooses to fulfill her mission which she believes is to destroy Ares, and end the War to End all Wars. Steve is her guide to the battle and her companion on the journey, introducing her to the modern world with all of its challenges.  There are villains bent on destruction, a scarred female scientist creating a terrible weapon, and leaders with private agendas.  Along the way she experiences tests and trials, temptation, and great loss. Her path involves physical prowess, as the traditional masculine journey, and also includes the honing of a weapon of feminine strength, the power of compassion.  Each obstacle is a choice point to build her courage and strength and ultimately her ability to step into her own power and her destiny.

Diana’s journey, like heroes before her, can be a guide for anyone pursuing their own destiny.    Here are five tips to take on your personal hero’s journey and to become an empowered leader.

  1. Focus on Your Mission
  2. Identify Your Own Magical ( Special) Powers
  3. Trust Your Intuition
  4. Find Your Soul Companions
  5. Be Courageous

Films often reflect the unconscious and predict the future.   A good coach can help you as a guide and mentor on your own journey….and may even take you to the movies!