by Michael Kline

When we conjure up an image of a leader in business, we might see the stereotypical strong, results-oriented driver, the win at all costs, take no prisoners, bottom-line boss. According to a research team at Cornell University studying leadership styles, the problem with this is that harsh, hard-driving, executives actually diminish the bottom line. “Bully” traits that are often seen as part of a business-building culture were typically signs of incompetence and lack of strategic intellect. In actual fact, self-aware leaders with strong interpersonal skills produced better financial results.

The Cornell study reveals self-awareness should actually be a top concern for business leaders. High self-awareness scores were the best predictor of overall success. It makes sense that executives who have a highly developed sense of self-awareness might have a more honest grasp of reality, affecting their relationships, decisions and actions. Further, having realistic confidence and an awareness of their own limitations allows them to hire subordinates who complement their talents. It seems that soft values drive hard results.

Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin and colleague of Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence) explains the mind-body connection of self-awareness. “We know that Emotional Self-Awareness can begin with sensations in your body or with your thoughts. Emotional Self-Awareness in part is the awareness of one’s own body.” As a RIM practitioner (Regenerating Images in Memory), I support my clients to develop a deep level of self-awareness. With RIM, we guide clients to use body sensing to tap into their usually unnoticed emotions and to pay attention to them as they flow in the moment.

The results are profound. Neuroscience explains how it works—this ability to change our emotional memory to create new endings to old stories that shape our self-concept, world-views and limiting beliefs. In addition to relieving stress, anxiety, emotional and physical pain, the client enjoys increased internal insight, resourcefulness and self-awareness.

Emotional work can seem complicated, difficult to measure, time-consuming, expensive, and unrelated to the bottom line. The opposite is actually true. In reality, results can be simple, quick and easy. New methods such as RIM, can produce immediate results in improved self-awareness, which is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence, repeatedly shown to influence job satisfaction and job performance for employees and effectiveness for leaders.

Michael is the 13th of 14 children born into poverty to an alcoholic father living in junkyard. He lost his mother at age 7 and discovered powerful lessons about resources. His journey from junkyard to country club is proof that anyone can do anything. He became the turn-around president of a franchise company with 35 locations, a six-time successful entrepreneur, a Certified Jack Canfield Success Trainer, and a RIM Master and Success Coach, He works with clients around the world to transform lives. His passion is creating the space for quantum leaps in personal transformation, helping his clients at to bring about the deep transformational changes in their lives they so desire.