by GSCA Member, Jackie Simmons

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Have you ever heard the old saw:

“When all you have is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail”?

In earlier chapters we focused on creating and building relationships with others and then explored the relationships that you have with yourself and with money.

In the last chapter we covered a simple framework for a sales conversation. Now it’s time to talk about what to do when you feel like nothing is working.

I spent years taking programs designed to grow my business. They all focused on getting more clients, a.k.a.: Sales.

Sounds logical. Certainly if you have no clients, it’s hard to make a profit, which is important if you want to continue to make a difference, right?

What I found is that having a great solution, knowing how to talk about it, even knowing when to talk about it and with whom, doesn’t always add up to having more clients.

I discovered that sometimes I don’t have a sales challenge, I have a mindset challenge.

Just in case that’s your challenge, here’s my best practice for resetting your mindset.

I call it my “Morning 5×5” and it only takes 30 minutes. Yup. I’m suggesting that gaining control over what’s happening inside your mind is worth taking on this practice.

Will you trust me enough to give it a try?

Just for one month?
If your life dramatically changes for the better, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Think of the Morning 5×5 as taking your brain out for a walk.

Could your brain use a little fresh air?

The 30 minutes is made up of five 5-minute activities with the other five minutes for getting setup and putting everything away when you’re done.

Let’s get started.

resetThe Tools:

  • A dedicated notebook and writing implement.
  • A five-minute timer
  • A self-help, professional development, or motivational book
  • A lap desk may be useful
  • A lamp may be needed

To increase tactile engagement, I highly recommend using a paper notebook versus typing on a computer or a phone and a real book versus using a “reader”.

Hint: You may want to use a timer in a different room when you first start out. I used my microwave timer so that when it went off I had to get up to reset it. Eventually I could use a timer on my phone, however at first, having my timer next to me made it too easy to turn it off and not shift to the next activity.

The Setup:

Have one place where you’ll store your tools when not in use. Creating a space on a shelf, side table, or night stand as a home for your tools makes them easy to find and saves you time. Keeping the setup easy reduces resistance to doing the steps.

Note: The practice of having a home for my 5×5 tools, had an added benefit. I started finding homes for other tools and saved countless hours I had previously spent trying to find where I set something down.

The 5×5 Activity:

Get out your tools and get ready for the most valuable 30 minutes of your day.

  1. Set the timer for 5 minutes and read in your uplifting book.
    When the timer goes off, put down the book.
  2. Reset the timer for 5 minutes. In your notebook, write about what you just read.
    When the timer goes off, put down your notebook.
  3. Reset the timer for 5 minutes. Close your eyes and reflect on what you just read and wrote.
    When the timer goes off, open your eyes.
  4. Reset the timer for 5 minutes and record the insights you gained from the reflection on what you just read and wrote.
    When the timer goes off, shift your attention.
  5. Reset the timer and re-engage. Write down one idea, one way you’ll integrate or apply your insights into your day.

 Put your tools away and enjoy your best day ever!

The Benefits I’ve Experienced:

  1. I’ve read over 100 inspiring, uplifting, motivational books since starting this practice.
  2. My reading speed has increased significantly.
  3. I comprehend the content better and retain it longer.
  4. I can give a talk of any length and easily stay within my time. This gives you a real edge when it comes to public speaking, especially on timed stages like TED.

With all these benefits, will you be willing to develop your mindset-reset muscles?

I hope so. Thank you for coming on this journey with me. Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place. Thank you for being willing to test out the ideas in this book for yourself.

And most of all, thank you for being you. Who you are is amazing and what you do is important.