Looking into the Eyes of my Father: A Veterans’ Day Story

by GSCA Member, Jackie Simmons – condensed from the book: The Game Changer: Volume 3

Startled, shocked, I held my breath.

In one dizzying instant I was transported away from the professional offices of Veterans’ Services and back fifty years…


. . . the smell of Old Spice filled the hot car. Even with the […]

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The Gigger Economy, Part 2

by Deb Mazzaferro

In Part 1, I explored The Gig Economy’s role in Specialty Food from the company’s perspective. In Part 2, I’m talking to The Gigger (AKA Independent Contractor), about their role.

Read both articles to maximize your understanding of each other’s position and deepen your relationships.

There are two types of giggers. The enthusiastic […]

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Will I See You in Court?

by Jackie Simmons

It had to happen . . .

Sooner or later there had to be a new tax ruling that had unintended consequences.

Here’s what happened: The rumor mill started grinding the grist of the who’s an Independent Contractor (a.k.a.: self-employed) and who’s an Employee under the new IRS Tax Code. […]

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What’s Your X-Factor?

by Donna Tarquinio

What’s the one thing that’s keeping you from experiencing your ideal vision of success?

I call this the x-factor, the one thing that’s primarily blocking you from experiencing unimaginable success.

Success is Achievable:

How amazing would it be to pinpoint the one thing that minimizes your success? To uncover the core patterns of your daily […]

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What’s it worth? Uncovering the hidden value of what you offer.

by Jackie Simmons

Reading this will cost you approximately 5 minutes of your life. What’s your time worth? Is that the “value” of this article? No, that’s just the initial investment.

Every time you introduce yourself, your company, product, or service, you’re inviting people to make a decision about your worth. Many people do not realize that […]

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What is executive coaching?

by Deb Mazzaferro

Coaching is all the rage. Perhaps your Realtor or Financial Advisor calls himself your coach. Don’t fall for it. Anyone who makes a profit off your decision is not a “coach”. Or perhaps you’ve noticed life coaches who specialize in relationships, healthy lifestyles, retirement options or life transitions. These personal […]

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Are You Walking Your Talk? It Could Be Making You Unhappy . . .

by Jackie Simmons

You have dreams. You’ve set goals. You’ve established accountability partners and hiking buddies, but by the end of a typical day, are you too tired to take action on a hobby or the change you’re seeking in your life (and your bank account?)

You’re not alone. In fact, you could be part of the […]

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