The GSCA offers two types of Memberships:

  1. If you are a Full or Part-time Coach, or are using coaching approaches in your work or if you are considering coaching as a career, follow the Membership Process below to learn more about our levels of membership, standards and ethics and application process.
  2. Individual or Corporate Affiliate membership will be granted to applicants who are interested in coaching and aligned to the mission of GSCA , but do not meet the criteria to be members under the Standards & Ethics criteria for full membership, follow this link for the application process.


Standards & Ethics

The GSCA is a membership alliance comprised of professionals committed to the use of coaching tools and approaches in their practice and to raising the public’s awareness of coaching. The group is committed to promoting synergy and creative partnerships in coaching and encourages both full-time professional coaches and other professionals who might use coaching as a tool or portion of their practice to join. In addition, we welcome individuals who are interested in exploring coaching as a career option.

The non-member fee for participating in Program Meetings is $10 (cash or check payable to the GSCA or through PayPal) plus the cost of meeting refreshments (payable to the restaurant). If the program participant applies and is accepted as a GSCA member within two months of attending as a non-member, a $10 credit will be applied towards his/her membership fee.

The annual non-refundable GSCA membership fee is $125. Members are expected to actively participate in Alliance programs, meetings and events. Annual enrollment is in September. Members who are accepted after May 1 will pay a 50% prorated fee of $62.50.

The GSCA is committed to providing members with programs that contain current and cutting edge information, coaching tools and modalities, and training in business practices that support effective coaching. In addition to Program Meetings the organization is managed through business meetings.

Membership Requirements:

The GSCA is a membership driven alliance that encourages participation from each member in addition to paying an annual membership fee. Members are invited to:

  • Provide the GSCA with an up to date Bio that details their philosophy and how coaching fits into
    their practice for posting on the GSCA website.
  • Contribute to program meetings by either Greeting, Facilitating, or Presenting.
  • Uphold the standards and ethics of the GSCA.

Membership Benefits:

  • Regular exposure to coaching tools and techniques, including opportunities to practice live coaching
  • Greater exposure of your work through the GSCA website and planned PR releases
  • Timely information about relevant training opportunities to help build your business and coaching practice
  • Potential opportunities to learn from, and partner with, other practitioners (mediators, consultants, trainers, etc.) who have an interest in providing clients with coaching as part of their offering
  • The opportunity to provide training or informational presentations to the public through our monthly Program Luncheon Meetings
  • Complimentary monthly attendance at Program Meetings, business meetings, and professional development seminars (meals are on your own)
  • Two free guest passes to invite friends and colleagues to Program Meetings (this waives the program fee only, guests still need to cover the cost of their own meals)
  • The option to participate in Coaches Week activities
  • Regular updates on coaching related developments in the field and in the community
  • Participation in Member to Member discounts on services and workshops.

Note: To derive maximum benefit of membership, we recommend attending at least 6 meetings a year

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