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Mona Clifford Baker

Mona’s passion is moving with an engaged mind/body connectivity and sharing her joy with her clients so they too can develop a passion for both pain free and ease of moving movement to feel like a child when they move..

Mona C. Baker is President of Actionomics Enterprises, LLC. She offers her clients services in Actionomics for healthy moving for healthy living solutions for everyday moving problems associated with both discomfort and performance coordination. She also works with athletes seeking optimal performance.

Mona began her professional career as a ballet dancer and had the very special opportunity to perform with American Ballet Theatre in New York City. Unfortunately her career ended prematurely due to an injury but the seeking of the solution for that injury inspired another career, that of a movement analyst. Mona became certified in several systems of movement analysis and documentation and for several years enjoyed teaching these programs. However, she also realized there was a greater potential to be discovered in how movement could be used as a language. So Mona researched and created Actionomics, a language moving through action, to be able to offer other options and solutions for problems associated with moving.  Later she created two patents: Actionomics, The Method, a psychomotor training for high performance athletes and the Actletica, a movement education garment. Also Mona developed Joint Activation, as the signature program for Actionomics that she offers in workshop settings to introduce the very basic mind/body connection for releasing and activating the body’s joints to assist with relieving pain associated with moving.

Mona believes movement is a most important life skill to have and maintain for optimal health and wellness. Introducing an engaged mind and body for movement requires both the guidance of a coach and the intervention of a therapist.  Actionomics has given her the tool and the skill to know when to use each approach.

Mona currently offers Actionomics Movement Therapy at the Florida Integrative Medical Center, in Sarasota as well as offers classes and workshops to dancers and athletes.