Jacobia Trump

Jacobina Trump

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Jacobina Trump is a business coach with a unique method that provides a gateway to innovative thinking which allows people to expand their business, make more money and live a fulfilled life.

She guides people how to step over limitations by nurturing their visual capacity which is housed in the right side of the brain. Simply learning to draw will get you there. Everybody has this faculty but because of stigma and trauma many people do not dare to use that part of the brain.

She is the only one in the area of personal development who offers this. Professionally trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague Holland she became a professor at the same institution. As an art director for large advertising firms she earned a living in Amsterdam until the age of 37 when she wanted to learn more from life experiences than books. This resulted in traveling to the Caribbean and eventually America. After consulting coaches like Bob Proctor and Andrrea Hess she became a certified soul-realignment practitioner and uses the knowledge of the Akashic Records to tap into ancient wisdom. In 2017 she graduated as a professional speaker from Speaking Empire and is promoting intuitive thinking from the stage. She wrote a novel, Turn of the Tide and is working on The Unknown. She published many art books.