Jackie Simmons

Jackie Simmons

Your Path From Secret to Success author, speaker, trainer


Jackie Simmons, founder of The Teen Suicide Prevention Society and host of The Woman Entrepreneur Show.

Do you suck at sales? Jackie did.

There it is, the unvarnished truth. When Jackie was 16, after knocking on countless doors only to get home empty-handed and dejected, Jackie decided that sales was not for her.

Jackie “knew” that she’d never make any money doing sales. And she continued to sell herself on the truth of that limiting belief, for the next 30 years.

Jackie’s attitude about sales made it easy to get enthusiastic and hard to stay motivated. And her bank account showed it.

And then, a ribbing comment from a friend, changed everything: “Jackie, I think the only reason you have a business is so that you have an excuse to network.” and with that, Jackie’s first workshop: “Confessions of a Networking Junkie” was born.

Thanks to the hundreds of clients who’ve shared the journey with her, that 1-day course became a 4-week course, and then that course became a book that practically wrote itself and then sat, gathering dust for over 2 years . . .

Eventually, with the support of mentors, Jackie shifted what she “knew was true” about making money and used her book to create a “sales from the inside out” system that leads her clients to make more in a month than they used to make in a year.

In her own words, Jackie still sucks at what most people call sales.

If what you call sales leaves you feeling pushy, salesy, uninspired, or tired, are you ready to try “sales from the inside out?”

“Sales from the inside out” is about mastering the mindset of self-worth, value, and money and it’s the fastest path from angst to making a profit while making a difference. AND it doesn’t take 30 years!