Gail Condrick

Gail Condrick

Soul Coach and Movement Healer


Gail Condrick has studied the nature of Sacred Contracts with Caroline Myss since 2004 at CMED, the Caroline Myss Educational Development Institute. As a certified Myss archetypal consultant or “Soul Coach”, she assists individuals and organizations in identifying and interpreting the archetypal patterns that comprise their unique Sacred Contract, or a personal mission statement. Her certification and practice requires mastery in several fields of knowledge, including theology, the application of archetypal patterns to healing, using archetypal insight for problem solving and developing creative expression. As a Soul Coach, Gail works with an expanded profile of seventy-two archetypes, providing individuals with a panoramic overview of their entire life’s journey, or what she calls “Myers-Briggs for the soul.”

Gail offers her coaching in person and by phone. Clients say the experience of having a chart interpretation is life transforming. Gail says, “This work is for those ready to ask the deep questions, to receive guidance in their lives by moving from asking “What should I do?” to looking at the larger picture and asking “What is my life purpose? Then we can begin to decode the answer together and create the personal mission statement,” she says.

In addition, Gail is a member of the Nia International Faculty, training individuals to become instructors of the mind/body/spirit movement healing technique, one of 30 people in the world licensed to train instructors. She is also a Reiki Jin Kei Do Master Teacher, Soul Collage ™ facilitator and writing coach. Gail moved home to Florida in 2007 after 25 years as Director of the Department of Consumer Affairs and Cable Television in Fairfax, Virginia, where she founded an award winning television station and led a staff of over 150 artists, engineers, attorneys, and consumer investigators. Gail offers retreats, workshops, and training through her company GaelaVisions. Her website is