Cecily Sharp-Whitehill

Cecily Sharp-Whitehill

www.alliance4discoverycoaching.com; 941-350-9626

Over the course of time, Cecily Sharp-Whitehill has been wife, mother, companion, friend, entrepreneur, leader, mentor, mentee, coach and client — often simultaneously. Both in retrospect and real-time, it’s clear to her that every development in her life has been a constructive offshoot of what’s preceded it, while also being a preparatory skill for her next steps.

Here’s an example of her preparation for her leadership, mentoring, management and communications talents: by the time Cecily was twenty-three years old, she was wife, mother of two, stepmother of three, oversaw the work of a full-time housekeeper and a gardener, saw to the maintenance of two cars, a sailboat, a small aircraft — not to mention a husband.

She has acquired, practiced and demonstrated her entrepreneurial talents by starting up four vastly different businesses: talent scouting for Maryland’s Department of Public Safety; teaching communications skills to personnel in Real Estate and other businesses that rely heavily on the telephone as a point of contact; starting a bed-and-breakfast reservation service and, more recently, inaugurating Alliance4DiscoveryCoaching. As founder of the latter, she works with individuals, mostly women, to support their growth into their best sense of self.

Cecily has been blessed that in the past 30-plus years she has been companioned by Jürgen Ladendorf. Together they have designed and facilitated seminars for Professional Service Firms around the world. Jürgen’s education at Yale (culminating with a Master’s in Engineering) and the Harvard Business School (with a Doctorate in Business Administration and subsequent HBS professorship) along with Cecily’s writing and organizational skills, have won them praises from many notable world-wide communications firms.

Throughout her experience, she has been filled with awe and gratitude that the right people with the right wisdom have entered her life at the right time. She is convinced that there is always something to be gleaned and learned from everyone she meets and from every event — and that we all are simultaneously teachers and learners. Humility, receptivity, and respect for the whole human family reveal wonders that walls of rigidity and ego do not permit. Self-respect and mutual respect open fresh vistas for Cecily and her clients. She knows, yes, she’s absolutely certain, that everyone has within him- or herself the wherewithal to do and to be what that heart-mind aims for, making coaching a natural offshoot and concurrent precursor of good.

Cecily is delighted and grateful to be a member of the Greater Sarasota Coaches Alliance, and she looks forward to participating in and contributing to this group.