You actually are a victim. Or you were.

by Jackie Simmons

When you were young, you were a victim of the limiting beliefs of those around you. When we were too young to have opinions of our own, the opinions of other people shaped our worldview.

Then we started venturing out into the world and tested it. Unfortunately, for most of us, our testing-ground was populated by people whose opinions about the world matched and reinforced the beliefs we already had. Now maybe you were in schools that encouraged seeking and finding new answers or your family moved around and you were encouraged to get to know people from different places and backgrounds, and your testing-ground expanded. For me, growing up in small towns in N.C., the attitudes of the community were all pretty similar on most topics.

This is good news on a societal level. Agreeing on the rules of the community, “right & wrong”, which side of the street to drive on, etc., these rules keep us safe and the community functional. On the personal relationship and business sides, too many similar opinions and rules stunt growth and destroy innovation and creativity. What to do?

Now, that you are aware that you have agreed to some rules and bought into some beliefs that could be holding you back, it is your responsibility to challenge them. The easy way to do this is to meet new people and read books written by people from vastly different backgrounds and life experiences. Shape an opinion and go out and test it. By consciously creating new beliefs that support the life you want rather than the life you have, you will move away from your limiting pre-programming.

Oh, I forgot to warn you before you read this article!

Now that you know the truth, that you are the victim of early childhood programing, it is your responsibility to update the “software” in your mind. Now that you know one easy way to get started, meeting new people and reading books written from different perspectives; if you decide not to, you are no longer a victim, you are now a volunteer.

It is your life, why not “volunteer” for a better one?

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