by GSCA Member, Jackie Simmons

I know it’s here somewhere; I know that I saw it . . .

I’ve never been prone to losing things before, of course, I’ve never been so conflicted about what I’m searching for . . .

OK, OK, I’m searching for the flipping remote control for the talking box, and yes, I still have a “box” in my living room and it’s the only TV in the house and I can’t turn it on without the remote control . . . Grrrr . . .

That was me a few years ago and wow, have times changed. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the “box” in the living room, but now I also have the pc in the office, and the laptop on the counter, and the smartphone on the . . . you get the picture.

With so much access, how we view TV has changed, but until recently, what we viewed hadn’t changed very much. Shows were still typically 30 minutes minimum and 3 hours was considered an epic, until the streaming revolution turned our sense of time upside down.

I first noticed it with overheard conversations about “binge-watching” whole “seasons” over long weekends. Then it was movie series marathons, not at a theater, but on a smartphone! What happened to the push for bigger and bigger televisions?

The truth is that in this day and age, size really doesn’t matter, at least not screen size when it comes to consuming video content. And content is the new word for what we used to call “entertainment.”

“Content” simply sounds less frivolous and in the world of entrepreneurial-busyness, we don’t often indulge in frivolous anything (at least that’s what we seem to want everyone to think – which is a whole other article).

Today’s content is no longer being delivered to us in predictable chunks, at predictable times. Now content is being created faster than ever, in shorter (and longer) formats, if the word “format” even applies.

What used to take a screenwriter, a studio, a tech-crew, fancy lights, make-up, and an editor, is now being produced on smartphones with microscopic microphones and consumed “raw” by millions of viewers every minute.

What’s so good about all of this: recognizing that we’re in a battle for the control of our minds and that each of us is now in a position to influence that battle in significant ways.

How do I know? I’m now one of the sources of content that you can find on your screens. I just launched my own TV channel based on my programs, courses, the experts I’ve interviewed, and the events I’ve hosted, both on-line and in-person.

So, if you have expertise and you want the world to hear it from you, with your point of view, your understanding, and your vision for the betterment of mankind and the world, I highly recommend you learn more about the video revolution, and soon.

I’m happy to share my resources with you if that would help get started. No one should have to face a revolution alone.

Jackie Simmons, host of The Woman Entrepreneur Show, soon to be seen on a TV near you!