by Karen Spirer

Welcome to Human Design, the Science of Differentiation. The Human Design System is unlike any other system for teaching each of us the self-knowledge and understanding we need to make correct, empowering decisions to help us navigate through every facet and arena of our lives.

Most modern holistic wellness techniques, as well newer allopathic, psychological and philosophical sciences, are often described as focusing on the Body, Mind and Spirit. But the Human Design System is a much more advanced and comprehensive personal assessment tool which provides you with a visually beautiful, highly detailed blueprint of your unique individuality, called your BodyGraph. It’s like being given your own personal operating manual, one which you weren’t given at your birth!

The BodyGraph is unique to each individual person. When interpreted correctly, it provides a complete understanding of your entire physical health system including your personal psychology, gifts, environmental, work/career, and relationship inclinations and needs. Understanding your Human Design can also show you where you are open and vulnerable to outside influences and conditioning, and leads to the profound discovery of your defined Decision Making Tools. These are called your Inner Strategy and Authority.

Experimenting with how to live one’s design leads to the individual learning how to make correct, life-empowering personal decisions according to their unique design. As most of us know, any one decision can change your life and others around you forever. When you make correct life, health, relationship and career decisions from your BodyGraph’s precise design you keep on track, and know how to get back when you fall off, your ancient fear-based mind and thinking falls away and a profound Energetic Cellular Healing occurs. All of this is explained during your personal BodyGraph Assessment Reading.

Imagine that you can drop your old conditioned ideas about yourself and discover who you truly are designed to be! Welcome to the Human Design System.

Join us at our March 19, 2018 meeting where Karen will be speaking about Introducing The Human Design System:
the Science of Differentiationwith Crisis Communications