by GSCA Member, Jackie Simmons 

Free! I was set-free from a lifetime of staring at a blank sheet of paper or worse, a blank computer screen (OK, it had only been a few months, still it felt like longer and if you’ve ever had writer’s block, you’ll get it . . .)

Five simple words set me free and then my words began to pour out of me onto page after page. The time flew, the editing got delegated, and my days as an “aspiring writer” were over, replaced with the one word I had most longed for: “published!”

I was published! The best-seller campaign, engaging all my friends, sharing the word, was a non-event by comparison.

The story began on an airplane. On an airplane to yet another conference, another 3-day intensive designed to help me become a better speaker, a better business owner, a better writer . . .

I was heavily invested in about every way you can imagine and as I sat on the airplane I stewed over how much money I may have wasted, I mean invested, in the journey to get my message into the world. Money for the plane ticket, money for the hotel room (that I was sharing to save money,) money for the meals to network, and of course, money for the course. I was 5 figures in and not a word written.

I’m not sure what was worse, anticipating the question from my mentor: “So what have you gotten done?” or dreading the question from my partner when I returned home: “So, how did it go?”

Innocent questions that landed in my ears like invitations to even more unpleasant emotions. So I sat on the plane and I dreaded, and I anticipated, and I stewed . . . My thoughts turned dark, really dark, and then I started to relax (there may have been some wine involved.)

I pulled out my notebook and wrote down 5 words.

I honestly do not know where these 5 words came from, and what happened next has made me not really care.

I wrote 7 sentences and attended the event, was told that I needed to reinvent myself, my brand, my talk, and start over.

On the plane ride home, I revisited what I had written and expanded on each thought. Those 7 sentences expanded into my first book.

Since that one fateful plane ride, I’ve used this technique multiple times when feeling stuck in any area of my life – writing, business, personal relationships, you name it.

The technique:

  1. Relax, judge in advance that whatever I write will be good enough.
  2. Pull out a notebook.
  3. Allow whatever shows up in my mind to get written down.
  4. Decide I was right and it is good enough.
  5. Come back to it and say more.
  6. Repeat.

That’s it. Writer’s block resolution according to Jackie.

It all started with those first 5 words, and they’ve become my mantra every day. I hope they help you as well:

“You Can’t Do It Wrong”

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