Coaching FAQ's

What are the different types of coaching?

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A number of coaches have a specialty area or concentration, although many work in several areas. Some of the different types of coaches you may encounter are:

Life coaches work with various aspects of a client’s life. Life coaches focus on assisting clients to achieve life-improving goals, managing and making the most of transitions, finding balance, […]

How is coaching different from consulting?

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Generally, are recognized as experts in their field, who either sell their advice or perform their expert actions (or both) to complete a task or project on their client’s behalf. Credit or acclaim for the work done or the achievements is often given to the consultant.  Consultants typically maintain a certain professional distance and rarely […]

How is coaching different from therapy?

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Therapy usually focuses on helping clients overcome past problems that encumber their ability to function in a normal day-to-day manner. In therapy, clients often revisit past life events to discover and resolve conflicting issues. Coaching focuses on the client achieving future goals chosen by the client. Therapists have specific expertise that varies from that […]

What are the benefits of coaching?

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Among the numerous benefits of coaching are:

  • Being listened to by someone who listens with your best interests in mind.
  • Being challenged to go beyond where you would go yourself.
  • Having someone you can explore options with.
  • Having a safe protected space in your life to try out new ideas.
  • Arriving at an action plan […]

How do I know if I could benefit from a coach?

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  • You are already thinking about taking positive action to change some aspect of your career, business or life.
  •  You want increased fulfillment and meaning in your life and are willing to take necessary steps.
  • You hunger for greater clarity and focus about what you want in life.
  • You want to shift from reacting to […]

How do I find or select the right coach for me?

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There are several steps in finding or selecting a coach.  It is important to understand that coaching is all about you: your life, goals, needs, wants, desires, and dreams. It is not about the coach. There are many coaches available, and you should be able to find the one that is right for you. If […]

What kinds of questions should I ask a prospective coach?

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Some areas of inquiry are:

  • Coaching experience – The number of people the coach has worked with or number of years of coaching experience or the types of coaching experience.

  • Coaching specialty – The area or areas that the coach is proficient in.

  • Specialized skills – Skill, experience and/or training that […]

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