by Donna Tarquinio

How do you measure success? Do you determine your success factor by the number of paying clients you have each day? Or the number of coaching calls you completed at the end of the work week? Measuring success requires a deeper understanding of what creates success, how to manage the core elements that determine success and how to master each moment.  This results in more productive experiences of success.

As a coach, mentor or other working professional, we all share a common desire to experience the greatest levels of personal fulfillment and increased success. We desire to make the most impact with our clients and other individuals as we are guiding them. In order to experience success, we must understand the “one thing that will ensure success;” the one thing that creates the most powerful and successful results. Our ability to experience success comes down to one core intangible: “energy”. Energy is at the core of all success which includes our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental energy. Our experiences with success depend on our ability to create, manage, measure and master energy.

Introducing Energy Leadership™ and the Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ as a unique leadership system to manage, measure and master success. Energy Leadership™ is a unique form of leadership that reflects how you show up to life, how you perceive yourself and the world around you and how you utilize your energy to work for you or against you. The Energy Leadership™ framework is based on seven levels or states of energy that determine success. Success can propel you to increased levels of success or leaves you feeling frustrated, fearful or settling for the status quo.

Understanding the power of energy and how to optimize success requires pinpointing your average resonating levels of energy and your capacity to utilize energy in the most productive way.

Measuring Success – As a Coach or other working professional, we lead others by our ability to be self-aware and to increase the awareness of others. The Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ (ELI) is a proven tool which ensures that you as the coach can maintain high levels of self-awareness in order to effectively serve others. It provides measurements which capture your value as a coach in working with clients, corporations and teams with whom you wish to engage. The ELI is a leading-edge tool that measures success based on identifying your (ROI) Return on Investment and (ROE) Return on Expectation. It is a tool and an invaluable resource to use for client assessment, kick off planning, progress review and overall client success.

Using the principles of Energy leadership™ to maximize your success combined with the Energy Leadership Index Assessment ™ (ELI) offers you powerful resources for creating long-term sustainable success for yourself and the clients and customers you serve. It adds increased winning-edge experiences of success for you as a consciously-aware leading professional.