By Jackie Simmons

Language is a funny thing, on the surface both of the phrases above have similar meanings, however; underneath there is a world of differences. Imagine a world where you never had to make another decision. What does that feel like? (Of course the act of putting a label on the feeling could be considered making a decision, but we will let that go for the moment.)

Deep breath and back to the world of decision-free living. In your imagination is someone else making the decisions or did you find yourself in a truly decision-free environment? Was there a sense of calmness or an air of chaos in your imaginary world? Let’s go with calm, orderly and peaceful. No decisions to be made, only choices. Aha! You knew there was a catch!

Well, maybe, it depends on your frame of reference. A choice is usually perceived as a stand alone moment with predicable outcomes and minimal risk, while a decision, well decisions come with all kinds of strings attached depending on your background. Let’s face it, if we make a choice and don’t like the outcome, we simply change our minds and choose something else. Decisions, on the other hand, are seen to come with consequences (rarely good) and there is a certain societal stigma attached to changing our minds once we’ve “made a decision”.

So while choices are often seen as fun and easy to make and change, there seems to be a good deal of pressure surrounding decision-making. Pressure to get it right the first time. Pressure that is totally useless and stress producing but culturally ingrained in many of us. Here’s a thought and though the idea may seem overly simplistic, I invite you to shift your perception for just one day. For just today, make lots of choices and absolutely no decisions. After all, what do you have to lose except some stress?