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Introducing The Human Design System: the Science of Differentiation

By |2018-03-05T16:14:42+00:00March 5th, 2018|Coaching Techniques|

by Karen Spirer

Welcome to Human Design, the Science of Differentiation. The Human Design System is unlike any other system for teaching each of us the self-knowledge and understanding we need to make correct, empowering decisions to help us navigate through every facet and arena of our lives.

Most modern holistic wellness techniques, as well newer allopathic, […]

Facilitating Through Resistance

By |2017-10-27T16:22:16+00:00October 27th, 2017|Business Strategies, Coaching Techniques|

by Ingrid Bens

Anyone who supports people through change knows that resistance crops up all the time. People push back on everything from altering their behavior to implementing needed next steps. Sometimes they vocalize their resistance, but more often they keep it to themselves. They pretend to go along, while deep down, they hang on to […]

The Power of Coaching Questions

By |2017-08-09T21:37:49+00:00August 9th, 2017|Coaching Techniques|

by Michael J. Kline, Certified RIM Master and Canfield Success Coach

Coaches know the importance of powerful questions. We know why we ask the questions, but do we always know what to ask and when? Certain questions seem to have a way of opening up issues and answers, of expanding the clients’ hearts and minds […]

Uh-Oh, What Do I Do Now?

By |2017-06-30T20:32:37+00:00June 30th, 2017|Coaching Techniques|

Challenges and Adventures in Coaching

By Dr. Leslie Austin

Most professional coaches, consultants, and managers choose to do the work they do because a) they like working with other people, and b) they are service-oriented and want to be helpful and useful to other people. But as surely as the sun rises in the east every […]

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): A Transformational Approach to Self-Improvement

By |2017-05-31T23:08:23+00:00May 31st, 2017|Coaching Techniques|

by: Dani Fox

People everywhere are stuck.  Many of us have an unconscious tendency to get stuck in compulsive behavior patterns, dysfunctional lifestyles, or reliving traumas and pain from the past.   We can get trapped in a never-ending cycle of stress which leaves us feeling tired, sick, sad and anxious. Our quality of life becomes diminished […]

Speak the Truth: Using Theatre Training to Evoke Authenticity

By |2017-05-02T00:18:31+00:00May 2nd, 2017|Coaching Techniques|

By Kate Alexander, Associate Director, Florida Studio Theatre and Founder of the FST Theatre School

In our relationships with other people we all seek and often assume a mutual basis of truth in our communications with each other.  As coaches, counselors, consultants, therapists, health providers and human resources people (among others), finding ways to express ourselves […]

Moving from the Head-space to the Heart-space

By |2017-04-25T22:13:36+00:00April 21st, 2017|Coaching Techniques|

by Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

We are all story tellers. We depend on a regular narrative to help navigate through our days. We tell stories everyday: at home with family, at work with colleagues and clients, at play with mates, and in romance with lovers. Stories we tell ourselves get lived out daily. They guide our beliefs and […]