Some areas of inquiry are:

  • Coaching experience – The number of people the coach has worked with or number of years of coaching experience or the types of coaching experience.

  • Coaching specialty – The area or areas that the coach is proficient in.

  • Specialized skills – Skill, experience and/or training that the coach can bring to you.

  • Coaching philosophy – Specific coaching success stories or examples of individuals who have done well or examples of value they have added.

  • Length of time the coach typically works with individuals who have situations similar to yours.

  • Fees – How much and how are they normally paid?

When you are ready to retain your coach, be prepared to sign a “Coaching Agreement.”  Most coaches have an agreement that specifies the number and length of sessions per month, the initial duration of the coaching arrangement, agreed upon fee, etc. You may also be asked to sign a credit card authorization to make payments convenient.  Many coaches have several startup documents they gather into a “Welcome Packet.”  These documents usually aid the coach in getting to know you more quickly and efficiently.