by Gail Condrick, GSCA Member

As a Sacred Contracts consultant I work with 72 different archetypal personality and energy patterns to empower individuals ready to dive deep into their soul work and create a personal mission statement.  Together we reveal your archetypes, recognizable patterns of behavior and personality that the collective consciousness understands on both a conscious and subconscious level.

For example, “She is such a Queen!”   What images and behaviors come to mind? Is there elegance or evil?  Benevolence or ruthlessness?  How does this archetype use their power?   The answers are found in the myths we read, films that we have seen and our life experiences.   And all answers will reveal both the shadow and the light attributes of the archetypal Queen and how she has evolved to fit the era in which she lives.

Caroline Myss calls this your Sacred Contract, the agreements you made before you were born to live a life with purpose that is needed for your time.   In return for this agreement you are provided with the people, places, and events that will come into your life to assist you fulfilling your soul contract.  You will be given twelve archetypes to develop and live to your highest potential.  For example, today’s Queen will be found in leadership positions in business, non-profits and government and is entrusted to wield her natural powers for the protection and development of her “realm” of influence.

Queen, as any potential individual archetype in a Sacred Contract, is not related to gender, it is a pattern of power, a leadership style exercised by a man or woman.   And like all archetypes that you may have, whether they are in the creative, action, healing, scientific, teaching, innovative or other groups of archetypes, your life experiences make your version of the archetype unique.

Getting to know your personal archetypes is a game changer.   You learn to see the world and yourself with what Caroline refers to as “symbolic sight.”   Awakening your archetypes is acknowledging your soul on a deep level and appreciation.   They are old friends who have been with you since you took your first breath and will be with you all of your life.   This awareness assists in reframing the challenges in your life and seeing them as soul growth moments.

Archetypal coaches are able to hold up the magic mirror to your soul so you symbolically “see” your spirit and energize your purpose.   Understanding and awareness of when one of your archetypes is “in play” provides you with a life skill that answers many questions and can direct your future choices to live your sacred life with purpose.