by Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

When you smile with a genuine, heartfelt, sincere, authentic smile, it is very different from a hurried stretch of the lips à la “smiley face — have a nice day” kind of smile.

The heartfelt smile is when the corners of your lips expand and turn up, the skin around your eyes gets crinkly, your face softens, and tension lessens throughout your body. The dealmaker: your smile needs to be sincere to allow positive emotions to curse through your body and release any stress. You will know when you’re faking it — there’s no benefit!

How does this strengthen positivity?

You know the mechanics of how to smile, (described above). Consider now what will cause you to smile with sincerity and open your heart. For me, it’s looking at, touching, thinking about my adorable pet cat, Neo.

What might it be for you? What beautiful memories do you have of a connection with someone or something that will cause your face to soften, cause you to raise the corners of your lips and the tiny muscles that circle your eyes to contract and have a surge of warmth washes over you that gives you a glow?

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