The Power of Coaching Questions

by Michael J. Kline, Certified RIM Master and Canfield Success Coach

Coaches know the importance of powerful questions. We know why we ask the questions, but do we always know what to ask and when? Certain questions seem to have a way of opening up issues and answers, of expanding the clients’ hearts and minds and even launching a higher level of curiosity in the coach. As a coach, we owe it to ourselves and […]

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Uh-Oh, What Do I Do Now?

Challenges and Adventures in Coaching

By Dr. Leslie Austin

Most professional coaches, consultants, and managers choose to do the work they do because a) they like working with other people, and b) they are service-oriented and want to be helpful and useful to other people. But as surely as the sun rises in the east every morning, at one time or another each of us has felt completely stuck, frustrated, even thwarted in our coaching efforts. […]

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It’s not your fault!

You actually are a victim. Or you were.

by Jackie Simmons

When you were young, you were a victim of the limiting beliefs of those around you. When we were too young to have opinions of our own, the opinions of other people shaped our worldview.

Then we started venturing out into the world and tested it. Unfortunately, for most of us, our testing-ground was populated by people whose opinions about the world […]

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Leadership is Easier than You Think

by Jackie Simmons

“Leaders” are often not the elected or even the ones who say: “Follow me”. Especially in business, saying “Follow me” is often a recipe for broke-ness, especially when you are starting a new venture or expanding into a new market.

For Margret, leadership was the furthest thing from her mind! She had recently moved and just wanted to build a quiet little acupuncture practice with a side of crystal light therapy and perhaps […]

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): A Transformational Approach to Self-Improvement

by: Dani Fox

People everywhere are stuck.  Many of us have an unconscious tendency to get stuck in compulsive behavior patterns, dysfunctional lifestyles, or reliving traumas and pain from the past.   We can get trapped in a never-ending cycle of stress which leaves us feeling tired, sick, sad and anxious. Our quality of life becomes diminished while our personal and professional performance gradually degrades. Meanwhile, traditional approaches to health and wellness don’t seem to be bringing […]

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Speak the Truth: Using Theatre Training to Evoke Authenticity

By Kate Alexander, Associate Director, Florida Studio Theatre and Founder of the FST Theatre School

In our relationships with other people we all seek and often assume a mutual basis of truth in our communications with each other.  As coaches, counselors, consultants, therapists, health providers and human resources people (among others), finding ways to express ourselves authentically and truthfully and to evoke the same in our clients can be challenging.

Similarly, in the world of professional theatre, […]

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Excerpt from: “Your Path From Secret to Success: 7-week Quick-Start Guide”

By Jackie Simmons

Lesson 4
– ACT – “Leap and the Net will Appear”* eventually

It is time to get into action because the only way to get good at doing anything is to, well, do it! My intention is to guide you to do the right things in the right order so that you get comfortable being in action sooner.

No one likes this part. It feels risky and you know you are going to […]

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Building Trust when You are the Boss in a Small Business

By Jean Juchnowicz

Q: Why should the owner or managers in small businesses focus on building trust with their employees?
A: A small business is focused on increasing revenue, controlling expenses, and creating customer satisfaction, the same things a big business focuses on every day. Your employees are your front line–in person, or on the phone, through email, by mail — creating customer satisfaction. So, just like constructing a building, you need to create a foundation […]

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Moving from the Head-space to the Heart-space

by Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

We are all story tellers. We depend on a regular narrative to help navigate through our days. We tell stories everyday: at home with family, at work with colleagues and clients, at play with mates, and in romance with lovers. Stories we tell ourselves get lived out daily. They guide our beliefs and choices, thereby impacting your thoughts and actions. As you become more conscious of your own stories and the stories of […]

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Success Tips for Coaches and Consultants!

by Deb Mazzaferro

Developing natural, professional selling skills goes hand in hand with applying Best Business Practices to your coaching and consulting work. My presentation for the Greater Sarasota Coaches Alliance March meeting will focus on those business practices which will allow you to increase your income and quality of life if you consistently apply them. But what about the sales skills needed to increase your business?

When you think of sales, do you think of […]

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